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Tax YearHearing TypeSubkeyOriginal Notice DateFile DateAppeal Status
2013Board of Equalization310/04/2013Time Elapsed
2013Board of Assessors306/15/201306/26/2013Certified to BOE
2013C.O.A. Notice106/15/2013Subsequent Notice Sent
2013C.O.A. Notice206/15/2013Subsequent Notice Sent
2013C.O.A. Notice306/15/2013Appealed to BTA
2014C.O.A. Notice106/06/2014Time Elapsed
2015C.O.A. Notice106/05/2015Subsequent Notice Sent
2015C.O.A. Notice206/05/2015Time Elapsed
2016C.O.A. Notice106/10/2016Time Elapsed
2017C.O.A. Notice105/19/2017Time Elapsed
2017C.O.A. Notice208/04/2017Time Elapsed
2018C.O.A. Notice105/22/2018Time Elapsed
2019C.O.A. Notice106/18/2019Time Elapsed
2020C.O.A. Notice106/19/2020Time Elapsed
2021C.O.A. Notice106/21/2021Subsequent Notice Sent
2021C.O.A. Notice207/09/2021Time Elapsed


Tax YearHearing TypeSubkeyNotice TypeMail Date
2013Board of Equalization3BOE Decision Form03/06/2014
2013Board of Equalization3BOE Appointment Letter03/06/2014
2013Board of Equalization3BOE Appointment After Reschedule02/24/2014
2013Board of Equalization3BOE Decision Form, Rescheduled02/24/2014
2013Board of Assessors3No Change Letter10/09/2013
2013Board of Assessors3No Change Agenda RE10/03/2013
2013Board of Assessors3HPRP07/16/2013
2013Board of Assessors3Appeal Acknowledgement BOA07/15/2013


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